Intellectual Property in Brazil

In 1986, VILAGE Patents and Trademarks initiated its activities in São Paulo, Brazil. Its founders, Victor Andreas Quaglio (Industrial Property Agent) and Geisler Chbane Bosso (Industrial Property Agent) had the idea to join​​ ​Intellectual Property specialists in one single company in order to form a solid structure to meet entrepreneurs who wanted to protect their patents and trademarks in the Brazilian territory.

Beginning, then, the trajectory of VILAGE Patents and Trademarks, focused on intellectual property in Brazil, facilitating the understanding of the natural wealth and the cultural and business diversity of this country as vast territorially.

In the mid-90s, VILAGE started to make the protection of patents and trademarks for Foreign Agents and Foreign Global Companies, which made its Brazilian expertise to be recognized in other countries.

The expansion of the company followed the trade and economic development of Brazil, and today, VILAGE counts with more than 100 professionals of diverse specialties: Industrial Property agents, engineers, ​​designers, ​chemicals, arbitrators and mediators, managers, publicists, journalists, ​​pharmaceutical​s​ and counters.

The credibility conquered throughout the years was an essential factor for the strengthening of VILAGE. We currently have 23 branches spread throughout the Brazilian territory, with its main headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, besides its own facilities in several states to meet national companies, including in its portfolio of consulting services in the area Controlled Products and Regulatory Affairs.


Protect our clients' Intellectual Property in every possible way.


Be a reference company in Brazil and abroad regarding Intellectual Property services by a staff committed with company's mission, keeping the business sustainable financially.

Always assist the clients with cordiality, exceeding expectations and being recognized by the quality of services, optimizing investment, strengthening the relationship with every single client, in order to make he/she feel exclusive.

Promote and support personal and professional growth of the staff to accomplish VILAGE's mission.

Adapt VILAGE's procedures continuously on behalf of our clients' needs and goals, making efficiency the lowest step when providing our services.

Become increasingly reference for businessmen who need consultancy regarding Intellectual Property and be the source of information and clarification to help on economic and technological development of companies, in addition to be the reference as innovating company, which always offers the best structure for protection of our client's assets.

Privacy Policy Statement

The VILAGE team keeps confidential all information submitted and all data on the holders of Patents and Trademarks, with security and quality standards set by ISO9001, as granted by the BSI UKAS.