Social Responsibility


To make the world a better place. Is that idea that makes VILAGE join other big companies to provide Brazilian children a quality of life.

Respect, dignity and freedom, the right to proper education, sports, leisure, health and food for children and teenagers are the premises adopted by VILAGE, after all, we have a lot to do and improve in the community, city, country and world in a very near future. This idea is also a part of our daily routine.

Instituto Educacional Francisco de Assis - IEFA

Is a non-profitable civil society, which aims to offer classes that wish to improve human beings in order to be included in the labor market, and improving quality of life, through instruction, education, guidance, qualification and, finally, individual professionalization.

This social inclusion program faces teenagers between 15 and 19-years-old that completed the 7th grade (junior high), in conditions of social vulnerability and interested in preparing to enter the labor market. PET prepares the teenager to find the first job, improving the chances and perspectives of personal and Professional growth.

Paying attention to teenagers is also a priority to VILAGE.


With the mission to provide support to children and teenager having cancer and heart disease, the Associação dos Amigos da Criança com Câncer e Cardíaca - AMICC (Association for Friends of Children Having Cancer and Heart Disease) arose in 1996 and, in the course of time, complies with mastery its purpose.

The collaborators work aiming at reducing traumas during treatment of hundreds of children and teenagers served by the institution. The patient's family members, in addition to follow-up them during the treatment, take part of projects provided by the association.

VILAGE is proud to support this project.

Cafu Foundation

Cafu Foundation is a non-profit entity that is creator of development opportunities, which helps out face the social inequality.

VILAGE participates in social events of that entity and takes part of a team in which people believe that institutions promoting citizenship can turn children and teenagers into better adults in the future.

Like Cafu, who is the founder of the entity, we also believe that is necessary to walk together and do our best. All children have rights of dreaming, and all of us can help to make this dream come true, nourishing our social responsibility day by day.

Currently, the Foundation has served about 340 low-income children and young people who are between 7 and 17 years old, in addition to 100 people over 16. Its headquarters is located in a neighborhood named Jardim Irene, in the City of São Paulo, and hosts: sporting school, multisport courts, industrial kitchen, library, toy library, dental assistance office, medical office, computing room, English as Second Language classes, rooms for both professional and cultural courses, and school reinforcement rooms.

The Foundation's mission is to be fully supported by VILAGE for valuing the principles of ethics, transparence, respect and modesty.

Talento Olimpico

Fight to eradicate hunger and poverty, better basic education, equality, decrease of child mortality, maternal health, combat to AIDS and STDs, sustainability and solidarity. These are the goals of the project Talento Olímpico - "Cidadania em Primeiro Lugar" (Olympic Talent - "Citizenship in the first place"), designed and created in November 2010 by the Olympic medalist, CLAUDINEI QUIRINO.

Currently serving more than 10 regions considered to be highly excluded and providing assistance to 500 people aged between 7 and 20 years. The goal for 2016 is that the number of care increases to 3500 in different territories.

The Talento Olímpico Project strives to provide a class in need of sport and socialization with recreational activities, aiming at developing responsibility, discipline, integration, education and work through Olympic and Paralympics sports, activities related to education, preventive health care and job training.

VILAGE Patents and Trademarks believes in transformation through a training that values, above all, education. For this reason, Vilage supports and participates in Claudinei Quirino's projects seeking a youth that values citizenship and respect through the practice of solidarity.

Grupo Patas

Shelter Grupo Patas is an association of support to the homeless animals founded in 2004, which helps about 350 dogs in a small farm of 5,000 square meters, 4 km from the city of São José do Rio Preto, state of São Paulo.

The association team receives complaints of mistreatment and collects mistreated dogs that need special care. The main goal is to save the lives of homeless animals who really need it.

Grupo Patas is a non-governmental and non-profit association; therefore, it depends on donations and support of people who are interested in helping animals, or giving them a new home. In addition, the Group still observes the living of the dogs with their new family. VILAGE encourages and participates in this project.

Join this action, be also a volunteer!


Founded in 1982 by Professor Teresa Serra de Arruda von Zuben with the fundamental and undeniable support of Professor Martin Vilma Machado, both specialized in people with visual impairment education, in Campinas - São Paulo, Pró-Visão is a nonprofit which aims to promote blindness prevention, wellness, education, habilitation and rehabilitation of infants, children, adolescents and adults who are blind or have low vision. The organization currently offers more than 2,600 calls per month, consistently watching over 60 kids of Campinas and region.


VILAGE Patents and Trademarks is a partner of Kinder - Center for Integration of Special Children, a philanthropic institution located in Porto Alegre / RS. The agreement is to pass 2 % of the turnover of each service closed in the city. Thus, Vilage contributes as a supporting these and other institutions in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, it argues that all children and adolescents have the right to quality health care and education, regardless of their difficulties or financial condition.