Services and Staff

VILAGE internally adopts the use of Multidisciplinary Teams, composed by Intellectual Property Agents, Engineers, Designers, Managers and Consultants in Marketing and Linguistics, which ensure the implementation of a service covering the collection and analysis the biggest number of information so that in future, provide the best alternatives related to protective Patent and Trademark Office in Brazil.


Geisler Chbane Main Director

Industrial Property Agent, Degree in Business Administration and MBA Business Strategic Management. Member of Latin America & Caribbean Subcommittee of the Parallel Imports Committee (2014-2015)

Victor Quaglio Industrial Property Agent

Industrial Property Agent

Senior Associates

Isabely Passarin Biologist patents expert

Degree in Biology

Isaura Gracy Chemistry patents expert

Degree in Chemistry

José Roberto Senior Patent Engineer

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Technical Writing, Graduate in Engineering and Project Management Reviews

Lara Damim Specialist in Brazilian Industrial Property

Degree in Language and Literature from Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)

Patricia Ribeiro Regulatory Affairs Analyst

Degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacy

Rejane Gregorini Specialist in Brazilian Industrial Property

Specialist in Brazilian Industrial Property