IP Strategic Management

Our services are based on a cost-effective management of the process of protecting, enforcing and defending your Intellectual Property assets, also addressing the potential risks of threaten for your business and commercial operations that may arise from Intellectual Property rights from other companies.

We offer a full range of services related to IP Strategic Management according to its regulations, advising on whether its rights may be eligible for a cost-effective protection through its registration and enforcement.

Surveillance / Watching Reports

Accomplished the trademark application filing, both nominative aspects, the graphics are included in our surveillance system, which accompanies the information officially published weekly by the Brazilian Patents and Trademarks Office, thus enabling the verification of:

  • Manifestations of third (Oppositions) contrary to the trademark registration
  • Application of trademark containing identical or similar expressions to trademarks submitted for possible questioning
  • Diverse Office Actions issued by PTO Examiner (Requirements, Dismissal, Rectifications, etc.)

Due Diligence - IP rights previously deposited / protected in Brazil

For Agents and Intellectual Property, and Lawyers whose clients already have Trademarks and/or Patents in progress in Brazil, the VILAGE offers an audit at no cost. Such audit is focused on the clarity of the adopted procedures, as well as the current position they are in the process and records office before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office, witnessed by the technical responsibility of our Intellectual Property Agents, Managers and Consultants.