Our Services


Applications for trademarks are filed at INPI in 24 hours. Vilage has a surveillance system, which aims to prevent third parties to register trademarks and trade names.


Besides the preparation of drawings, reporting and filing of the patent INPI service, we offer the services of patent search with technical advice.

IP Strategic Management

We offer a full range of services related to IP Strategic Management according to its regulations, advising on whether its rights may be eligible for a cost-effective protection through its registration and enforcement.

Regulatory Affairs

The proceedings are filed and followed directly in Brasília, through our office for operating practices.

Who We Are

Since 1986 VILAGE has been contributing to companies and individuals to have their intellectual property rights strategically protected in Brazil, through our philosophy:

  • Commitment: to every single Client in every aspect of interest.
  • Responsibility: more than 100 highly experienced professionals.


"We’ve established a partnership with Vilage, which extends on for years and the secret to so many years together is the honesty and professionalism Vilage puts on its work. Our business segment requires experienced and prepared partners, and in this scope, Vilage has always performed successfully the work we trust Vilage to do. Vilage has been a serious company concerned about the updates the market demands, and this posture provides us at GOTA DOURADA the safety and serenity we look for. We also wish to stress the most important quality we have found at Vilage, the ethical and honest conduct of its collaborators, always ready to assist us. Due to all these attributes, we can confirm for sure Vilage is a part of our business success. "


Our Team


Vilage counts with more than 100 professionals with diverse specialties: Trademark and Patent, Engineers and Technicians, aimed to cover all Intellectual property areas.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

VILAGE Patents and Trademarks is certified by BSI Brasil for operating a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. The certification is valid for ll its services, including the international ones

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